Interport Tool


Our InterPort toolset extracts and transforms data from legacy systems to a structured and readable source. Unlike our competitors we did not simply buy a third party extraction tool but rather, we designed our toolset from the ground up with a flexible yet robust plugin architecture that has allowed us to offer service to our clients that exceed expectations and industry standards.

The plugin architecture of InterPort toolset offers additional functionality that allows us to address real-world usage issues of the existing data sets.

Here is a list of some of the modules that we can extract from Legacy Systems

  • Demographics
  • Immunizations
  • Family History
  • Lab Results
  • Past Medical History
  • Appointments
  • Problem List
  • Clinical Notes
  • Risks Factors
  • Reports/Scanned Documents
  • Allergies
  • Care Elements
  • Medications
  • Alerts, Custom Fields etc..

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Why Us?


Interware and its partner won one of the largest EMR/EHR data migration contracts ever awarded in Canada


A e-Health Ontario approved secure data centre that has passed the rigorous PIA/TRA requirements


A robust migration toolset that ensures no loss of data integrity and dependent information that requires minimal design and migration time


Experience providing IT solutions for Health Practices across Canada for over 6 years and a comprehensive data migration methodology