Healthcare Solutions

Interware has been active in the healthcare industry for over a decade supporting clients from across the province and country. This experience enabled us to develop the InterPort toolset that was instrumental in our winning the Data Migration and Retention aspects of the largest EMR Migration Project ever awarded in Canada.

With over 25 years of industry experience our team’s superior product knowledge and expertise allow us to provide industry leading healthcare-oriented solutions that go above and beyond the competition. We have designed, developed, and managed IT solutions for several health practices across the country.

Interware’s Data Migration Centre of Excellence successfully completed the Privacy Impact and Threat and Risk Assessments (PIA/TRA). This, combined with our unique knowledge of the IT, privacy, regulatory, and security challenges facing Canada’s Healthcare providers allows us to develop comprehensive, future oriented solutions for Canadian Healthcare organizations.

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Why Us?


Interware and its partner won one of the largest EMR/EHR data migration contracts ever awarded in Canada


An e-Health Ontario approved secure data centre that has passed the rigorous PIA/TRA requirements


A robust migration toolset that ensures no loss of data integrity and dependent information that requires minimal design and migration time


Experience providing IT solutions for Health Practices across Canada for over 6 years and a comprehensive data migration methodology