Data Integration

Integrate your EHR information across the healthcare continuum.

Healthcare organizations of all types deal with an enormous amount of data and face challenges in how to access and integrate that data. Your organization must increase its organizational efficiency via real time data sharing between client, financial, clinical and administrative groups.

Interware’s data integration solutions create a transparent, real-time portal for authorized organizations to connect with your data using their PCs and other portable devices. Whether sharing updates with a health team member or sharing information with other healthcare practices or departments within your organization, Interware’s technology can help increase operational efficiency. We utilize industry-leading security practices to ensure data security every step of the way and provide full control over user access.

Our data integration solutions are limitless and fully customizable. For further information contact us at 416 363 6161

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Why Us?


Interware and its partner won one of the largest EMR/EHR data migration contracts ever awarded in Canada


An e-Health Ontario approved secure data centre that has passed the rigorous PIA/TRA requirements


A robust migration toolset that ensures no loss of data integrity and dependent information that requires minimal design and migration time


Experience providing IT solutions for Health Practices across Canada for over 6 years and a comprehensive data migration methodology