Cloud Freedom

Cloud Freedom

Eliminate infrastructure expenses, gain anywhere access and increase IT security

Harnessing the power of cloud computing and our 27+ years of experience Interware is proud to introduce Cloud Freedom; a complete IT solution for small to midsize organizations.

Our clients demand a solution that is secure, available, and increases productivity. Moreover, they want to avoid unexpected costs that arise from the myriad possible IT related failures. Cloud Freedom is a paradigm shift that addresses all of these concerns by transforming an on-premises solution to on demand service.

Cloud Freedom services comprise fully managed virtual data centers that provide hardware, software and information resources on-demand. Organizations can simply connect to the internet and use available resources on a pay-per-use basis that is hassle free and convenient. Pay one predictable monthly fee and let Interware worry about the security and maintenance.

How cloud solutions help businesses.

  • Cloud Freedom allows companies to save money on capital expenses including physical server maintenance, power and cooling costs, software licensing expenses, hardware refreshes and the need for a specialized IT department.
  • Cloud Freedom is delivered as an on-demand service meaning you only pay for the computing power you require, allowing businesses to shift capital expenses to operational expenses and stretch budgets to streamline business processes.
  • Cloud solutions are highly available granting you anywhere access to your documents and services across a variety of devices.
  • Cloud Freedom allows greater flexibility, collaboration, and increases productivity.
  • Predictable and cost-effective IT expenditures eliminates suprises.
  • Cloud solutions utilize enterprise grade security measures at prices SMBs can afford.
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Hassle Free Managed IT

Focus on your business. Harness the power and convenience of Cloud Freedom to immediately reduce IT expenditure, increase productivity and improve security.

Virtualiztion: Virtualization technology allows great flexibility. Remotely connect and take control of your virtual machines with full administrator access and move back and forth between on-premises systems and the cloud seamlessly. Scale out your IT infrastructure quickly and without incurring costly hardware purchases.

Cloud Backup: Rely on the cloud for backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Geographically dispersed data centers that comply with key industry standards mitigate outages due to failures of individual devices.

Utility computing: Pay only for the computer processing time and storage space your organization needs at any given time and avoid up-front and ongoing costs of maintaining an IT infrastructure.

Flexible Applications: Build anything from lightweight web sites to multi-tier cloud services efficiently

At Interware we take data security very seriously. Our cloud solutions implement a comprehensive security mechanism at every level. To guard against hardware failures and improve availability, data is automatically replicated on a daily basis.

Strategic Partnerships: To provide you with the latest and safest cloud technologies we have partnered with global leaders in cloud computing technology to deliver integrated solutions and architecture that increase productivity, collaboration, and security while simultaneously reducing IT complexity and improving your bottom line.

Why Us?


Effective solutions and services that are customized based on your businesses need, we do not believe one size fits all.


With over 25 years of experience, Interware has formed a strong technical foundation and our IT (IQ) knowledge is world class. Internally we focus on continuous training and development so that our staff can provide cutting edge solutions and help keep your business ahead of the competition.


Efficiency not only in our work ethic, but efficiencies are clients can expect from our solutions and services.


Continuous growth and improvement – learn from experiences and continue to grow as an organization