Synced Folder: Store, Share & Collaborate Online

Does your business have a file storage, syncing and share solution that increases mobility and collaboration?

Interware recommend Synced Folder. A cloud based, business-grade storage, sync, and share solution that is simple to use and guarantees data security.

Enterprise Security
448-bit Blowfish Encryption and many more security features that guarantee your data is safe

Infinite Revision Capture
Restore deleted or changed files from as far back in time as you need

Mobile Access
Freedom to access files from mobile phones across all operating systems (Android, Blackberry, Apple, Windows, Symbian and more)

User Controls
Set strict usage and access policies at company and user levels
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Why Us?


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With over 25 years of experience, Interware has formed a strong technical foundation and our IT (IQ) knowledge is world class. Internally we focus on continuous training and development so that our staff can provide cutting edge solutions and help keep your business ahead of the competition.


Efficiency not only in our work ethic, but efficiencies are clients can expect from our solutions and services.


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