Dell Solutions

Dell Solutions

The global business environment has changed, become more difficult to compete in and there are pervasive trends that have fundamentally changed the way people work — from the CEO to the desk worker, from the student to the hospital administrator.

Cloud computing, the consumerization of IT, BYOD, big data and users’ expectations of dynamic anytime, anywhere, always-on — connectivity businesses must harness these trends and leverage them to stay competitive.

However with change comes challenges. How will you meet new worker expectations of a borderless office and choice in how they work, when they work and on systems of their choice?

Interware recommends Dell solutions. Dell solutions help connect and protect end users, now and into the future by
  • Building enterprise-grade solutions: solutions strengthening your organization today
  • Designing for the future workforce
  • Investing in tomorrow: Cloud client computing

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4 pillars of success Dell Solutions

Practical Innovation, superior relationship model, efficient, simple and affordable


IT is experiencing a continental shift towards cloud and IT as a service delivery models. Let Interware and Dell help you to harness the latest technologies


BYOD is here to stay. Dell has best-in-class MDM solutions and Interware has the expertise to deploy these in your enterprise


The intelligent management of corporate data is essential to the productivity of your workforce. Dell and Interware have solutions that puts your data first


Dell’s network security and system management tools combined with Interware’s expertise will protect your network and give you peace of mind

Dell Solutions

Latitude Laptops

Management teams, IT departments and employees agree that the newest Dell™ Latitude™ laptops deliver the manageability, security and reliability they need. Find out how the new Dell Latitude 3000, 5000 and 7000 Series, powered by 4th gen Intel® Core™ processors, can help increase productivity — and smiles — at your company. Contact Interware today


Dell offers a complete, end-to-end portfolio of server solutions, ranging from the smallest home office to the largest of hyperscale data centers. Dell’s commitment to customer-inspired innovation delivers consistent, stable architectures and flexible, adaptable infrastructures that are optimized for workloads and environments. For more information contact Interware’s Dell Specialists today.


As an IT leader, you understand the concept of being either an inhibitor or enabler of the business. It’s surely true in security. Being too lax on security means too much risk. But applying too much security and your end users can’t do their jobs. Dell seeks to provide customers with a balanced approach to security. We believe security should be simpler, more unified and connected to the business - it should be an enabler to the business and not get in the way.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Embed: We build security natively during manufacture. Every server, every hardened appliance, every device, every phone, every tablet, every storage array, every networking switch that rolls of the line is built with the most stringent security in mind. Everything from our Supply Chain Assurance guarantee, to Signed BIOS, to the cloud. Security is native.
  • Detect & Protect: We provide active information protection from the device all the way out to the cloud, and everything – including the user and the data center – in between. In addition, we detect threats such as APTs, malware, viruses, spam, DDoS, etc. and mitigate the risks of lost data with predictive intelligence.
  • Respond: We provide organizations with effective response to threats and breaches with quarantine and remediation.


Until now, flash storage has been too expensive for most customers to deploy on a larger scale. Used mostly as Tier 0 in application servers or for select, targeted workloads in shared storage, flash is still inaccessible to the majority of customer environments.

The Compellent Flash - optimized solutions changed the economics of flash storage and broke the current pricing boundaries. By offering solutions that can provide performance at the capacities and prices of a rotating disk, Dell is making flash storage affordable and accessible to a broader number of customers.

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